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10th Anniversary

The Hudson Valleys Original Festival Celebrating the Holiday season for TEN years !


Our latest and greatest attraction will have you in awe as you stroll down the path Charles Dickens took each night to get inspiration for his legendary tales. Meet “Pip”, a young lad who had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Dickens, as he tells guests about Victorian London and the Holiday traditions that were heavily influenced by Mr Dickens writings.  Special effects, live actors, and make this attraction an experience the whole family will never forget !

Kevin McCurdy's Holiday Spirit Festival is the Hudson Valley's original, one of a kind,  family  holiday event. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Holiday Spirit Festival is like no other event, offering your family a place to make new memories and relive old ones.

From it's inception, The Holiday Sprit Festival. was designed to take you back to those days of yesteryear, with holiday tunnels and twinkling light displays, while adding a new twist. " Kevin’s ability to blend creativity  and good old fashioned fun, together with leading edge technology, make the Holiday Spirit Festival a truly magical family holiday experience for all ages”. 

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Share the magic with your friends and family !

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A Magical Night of making Holiday memories !

Here’s what people are saying ...

Evie Torz.... The Best Way To Send Christmas Cheer Is to SING Loud For All To Hear! hahaa...The shock on your child’s face will be priceless. My nephew had a blast there he didn't want to leave and we were the last ones in the lot to leave. All he keeps saying he wants to go back to the North Pole again. Kevin McCurdy's Holiday Spirit Festival is Awesome for all ages. Never to young or to old to go to Kevin's Holiday Xmas Spirit you feel the real Joy of Christmas! It's AWESOME!http://www.facebook.com/evie.torzshapeimage_17_link_0
Tina Batt Everyone should go it is fantastic we had such a great time even in the rain THANKS!!!!!http://www.facebook.com/tina.battshapeimage_18_link_0

NEW FOR 2014 !

The All New Dickens Tale - with added scenes and A Christmas Carol story where

“YOU” are the stars!

Holiday Spirit Festival

We Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday !

Keep the Holiday Spirit going and visit us

Friday Dec 26th and Saturday Dec 27th

to make some memories to last the whole year !

This Weekend while Santa rests back at the North Pole you can take pictures with Rudolph and his friends in Santa’s House